Final Reflection

Looking through my posts on this blog, I came to realise that personal communication was not an easy task indeed. This is further backed up by my project experience with my group mates. Some may be cooperative and take the initiative to complete their parts, however some may choose to ignore their responsibilities, push the job to others whilst claiming the credit for work that they have not done.

This experience can definitely be applied to my future working life. There will be all kinds of people out there and this allows me to brace myself for it. I am grateful to have learn more about the different communication styles and getting access to resources which would not have been available if I did not take up this course. This class was entertaining with all the class activities and interaction with my classmates.

If I have to name one topic that I am most familiar with, it will definitely be how to respond to negative feedback. My group and I spent hours researching on the idea as well as perfecting our pitch. We tried conducting our research from different perspectives and gained many comments from industry professional.

I would conclude that this project was fruitful and fun to do. My group had a lot of fun coming up with the story line and plot of our video. At first, the video idea that we came up with,  was funny but it was not educational. We wanted to let people learn something out of the the videos. We continued to brainstorm and finally, we are ready to present what we have to the class.

At the end of this post, I would like to thank Brad and my fellow classmates for making CPD such a fun filled module. All the best to everyone’s future endeavors! 🙂


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